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Windsor, Ontario

In Southwestern Ontario, Windsor marks the end of the Quebec City and Windsor Corridor. As of 2023 the metro area population of Windsor has reached 342,000, steadily increasing over the years. Known as the Automotive Capital of Canada, Windsor, Ontario is a major contributor to the automotive industry in Canada, and is responsible for the city’s development in industrial and manufacturing.

Drug addiction is a prominent issue in Toronto and London, and a common location for relocation among individuals who become addicted to drugs and other substances are moving to Windsor. Windsor is a common city for relocation in Ontario from other bigger cities because money lasts longer for product and the winter season is more bearable, leading to an increase in the population of drug use and substance abuse.

At Start Today Recovery Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand, our focus is on assisting people who face challenges with mental health issues as well as substance abuse issues. We provide diverse options for intervention services, inpatient treatment options, and outpatient treatment options for Canadians seeking help for alcoholism or addiction.

Many of our clients residing at our sober living facility in Chiang Mai, Thailand come from Canada. We help Canadian clients get the proper care they need. Here at Start Today Recovery Center, we present both long-term and short-term treatment options for those searching for a sober living environment.

People opt for treatment in Thailand because compared to other countries, Thailand offers more affordable options for rehabilitation and treatment, increasing their ability to achieve long-term sobriety. Choosing a private addiction treatment center in Thailand, eliminates the need to get on a waitlist, which is a common barrier that many other countries require before gaining accessibility to treatment.

Much of the staff employed at Thailand treatment facilities are from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, London, USA, and throughout the United Kingdom. Start Today Recovery Center in Thailand offers outpatient counselling and addiction treatment for individuals transitioning back to their lives at home in Ontario. The facility offers 24 hour medical support and daily psychiatric care. Clients who opt for sober living in Thailand show to have significantly higher success rates in achieving long term sobriety, compared to clients who do not choose this option.

Thailand stands out as one of only few countries in the world that offers a distinguished failure to launch youth program for the ages of 18-25, complete with a comprehensive psychological and psychiatric report. At Start Today Recovery Center clients also have the opportunity to take part in online schooling as an additional option.

Matt Barnhardt, a substance abuse therapist at Start Today Recovery has successfully obtained and pursued long-term recovery. He is ready and able to share his personal experiences with individuals and their loved ones to help instill hope and wisdom in residents at Start Today. Begin your journey today and Start Today Recovery Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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