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Increasingly, more Albertans are going to Vancouver for rehab treatment. This may seem like a long way to go to seek rehab treatment, but there a few good reasons behind this decision. Most Albertans have found that rehab treatment costs less in Vancouver, the programs are credited, the wait lists are shorter, and there are longer after care programs in British Columbia.

Additionally, Alberta has seen a dramatic increase in demand for their drug treatment services. Through the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, you can find several government-funded treatment programs, but there are long waiting lists for these drug rehabilitation centers, and it can take quite some time before a patient is admitted.

Vancouver has earned a reputation as a city that has a progressive drug policy. It also has a reputation for high addiction rates, and this is why the city of Vancouver has invested a great deal of funding into harm reduction programs, new addiction treatments, and drug awareness programs.

With the goal of reducing harm caused by drug and alcohol use, and to ensure people get treatment, the city of Vancouver developed The Healthy City Strategy, an initiative comprised of 13 long-term goals that include addressing homelessness and substance abuse.

The strategy includes the four pillars approach to addiction. This is based on the following four principals:

  • Prevention
  • Treatment
  • Harm reduction
  • Enforcement

The four pillars approach has been followed by cities in Europe, and it has proven to be successful in reducing overdose deaths and infection rates for HIV and hepatitis.

The Treatment pillar is all about support initiatives that are designed to help people with addiction problems. It includes the provision of core services at community health centers, withdrawal management programs, and residential and non-residential treatment services.

Over the last five years, Vancouver Coastal Health has increased its treatment budget by about $2 million per year. It has added new addiction services, increased the number of detox beds, and the development of addiction housing.

All of these measures are placing Vancouver as a city with a progressive attitude towards drug treatment and rehabilitation.

However, no matter how good the rehab support and treatment programs are, getting an addict to accept treatment is the first step, and it’s not an easy one. This is where a qualified interventionist can help your family. We understand what it takes to motivate an addict to take the first step into a treatment program.

Call us today for more information, it is the first step you can take that brings you one step closer to a life free from substance abuse.