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What is a Sober Living House?

Sober living houses, which are also known as sober homes, halfway houses, or even sober living environments, are environments where those in recovery reside to be provided with support as they continue their recovery substance abuse and other forms of addiction. Living in a sober living home provides structure and support for those individuals who are transitioning from receiving addiction treatment in given programs or other rehabilitation facilities, as they re-enter society.

Sober living homes and environments have rules to maintain the structure in the residence. These rules and guidelines are followed to keep the residents safe and give responsibility. Some of these rules include abstinence from drug and alcohol use, contributing in household chores, participating in meetings and support groups regularly such as alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous, as well as contributing to upholding the house.

There are many benefits that are provided to those in a sober living home including accountability, structure, peer support, safety in a drug free environment, and support in the transition:

Accountability – Those who reside in the home are held accountable to their own behaviour and actions in the sober living atmosphere. This accountability allows individuals to maintain and grow healthy habits.

Structure – Sober living environments allows residents to have structure with daily routines that include peer support through meetings, house meetings, and other activities that aid in individuals recovery and growth.

Peer Support – Sober living homes allows individuals to live with others who are also in recovery, providing a sense of unity and understanding amongst those who live there. The residents are able to give each other encouragement and support through the early recovery stages.

Drug-Free Environment – Sober living homes provide a safe, drug and substance free environment, so individuals can put a primary focus on their sobriety without having to worrying about temptation.

Support – Sober living environments are a transition point between addiction treatment and rehabilitation and re-entry to everyday life. Sober living allows individuals the opportunity to slowly transition into society while still having the comfort of the support and guidance they will receive in a sober living home.

Sober living environments are pivotal when it comes to helping individuals maintain their sobriety. After learning skills and strategies for maintenance of their recovery, as well as learning more about underlying causes for their addiction, residents of sober living houses can create a foundation for long-term recovery as they leave intensive treatment.

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