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What is a Recovery House?

A recovery house, or a sober living home or sober house, is a residential facility that was created to provide a supportive community for individuals recovering from addiction while providing a structured living environment to create routine. Recovery homes are a step for individuals to take to better transition from intensive treatment, before returning to their home life.

Many benefits come to play when transitioning into a recovery house, mainly being provided with a supportive community, where members understand and empathize with the challenges that come with recovering from addiction. Residing in a drug free environment when transitioning out of intensive rehabilitative treatment reduces the exposure to triggers and allows a safe space for individuals to focus on their personal goals for their sobriety. Transitioning through a recovery house when coming out of intensive treatment helps individuals bridge that broad gap between treatment and independent living. Those who enter a recovery house will have access to resources including therapy, support groups, as well as job and educational opportunities to help aid in their recovery, and better transition to independent living when the time comes.

Recovery houses can range when it comes to size, amenities, and support provided at the houses. Some recovery houses are tied with specific treatment centers, and others are independent operations. Recovery houses are very important when it comes to the continuum of care for individuals who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction because they provide individuals with a safe and supportive environment where they can take the time before they transition back to home life, better the success for long-term sobriety.

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