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Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia, located in the Lower Mainland, comprising of 2.6 million inhabitants of British Columbia. Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada and has the greatest population density in Canada. Having such a high population in one area, also leads to more stores selling alcohol and legal marijuana produced for consumers in Greater Vancouver. Alcohol, Drugs, and other substances have become a prominent issue for many of the Vancouver population, especially those living in the Downtown East Side. Hasting street on the downtown East Side is a known location for the homeless where victims of sexual abuse and residential schools live. These survivors of various trauma’s turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with and numb the pain from their trauma. 75% of the population who are homeless in Vancouver suffer from serious mental health and or addiction battles.

From the British Columbia Health Authority, “the highest number of unregulated drug deaths are in Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Health, making up 57% all deaths in 2023”.

In September 2023 alone, 175 deaths to toxic drugs occurred in British Columbia, averaging at 5.8 deaths per day.

Start Today Recovery Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand, works to guide people suffering with mental health struggles in addition to substance abuse problems. We offer various intervention amenities, inpatient treatment choices, and outpatient treatment choices for Canadians finding help for alcoholism and or addiction.

Several of our clients at our sober living facility in Chiang Mai, Thailand travel from Canada. We help our Canadian patients get the proper care they need and deserve. Here at Start Today Recovery Center, we offer long-term and short-term treatment for sober living options.

Thailand is the preferred location for rehabilitative treatment because of its affordability to get treatment compared to other locations, enhancing the likelihood of long-term sobriety. When participating in treatment regimens at a private addiction treatment center in Thailand, there are no waitlists, whereas other countries acquire long waitlists before treatments is able to be received.

Our treatment facilities benefit from our diverse staff as many who work in the treatment centres in Thailand are from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, London, USA, and all across the United Kingdom. Start Today Recovery Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand gives outpatient counselling and addiction treatment to residents even when they leave the centre and return home to Vancouver. There is 24-hour medical support with psychiatric care each day. Clients who choose participate in sober living in Thailand have better opportunities for success in terms of long term sobriety, then the clients that don’t.

Thailand is a prominent location, one of few countries in the world that has a reputable failure to launch youth program for individuals aged 18-25. This program comes with an entire psychological and psychiatric report. At Start Today Recovery Center clients also have an option to do online schooling.

Matt Barnhardt is a drug abuse therapist at Start Today Recovery, and he is someone who has achieved long-term recovery personally. Matt is ready and able to share his own experiences to convey hope and wisdom to patients and their families. Your journey can begin today at Start Today Recovery.

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