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Alcohol is highly addictive, widespread, and easy to come by. This makes it a highly dangerous substance, capable of inflicting prolonged psychological and physical addiction. Alcoholism is an addiction to alcohol characterized by an inability to control drinking or stop drinking altogether.  

Other signs of alcoholism include developing a tolerance to alcohol and continuing to drink in spite of the consequences that it causes in one’s life. A person can experience cravings and withdrawal symptoms when not drinking. Detoxing on your own from alcohol can be extremely dangerous because of these withdrawal symptoms as well and is not recommended. 

Some individuals are more susceptible to alcoholism than others, and while there is no cure, treatment at a highly reputable private alcohol addiction treatment center supports the best positive outcomes for long-term recovery from alcohol addiction in Winnipeg.

For many people in Manitoba, recognizing they are struggling with alcohol addiction can take years. Once an individual can no longer deny their addiction and the negative effects it has on their mind, body, career, finances, and important relationships, it can be difficult to fully accept that they are at a turning point in the road. When they get to this point in their addiction, it is important to seek private residential or outpatient treatment for their alcoholism before it spirals any further out of control.

Who Should Consider Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program in Winnipeg?

There is a great misconception that people who struggle with alcohol abuse are weak-willed. In reality, the majority of people in Manitoba who have an alcohol addiction problem are highly motivated and determined. However, these characteristics often increase a person’s chances of suffering from perfectionism and harsh inner critic, which can sometimes lead to the use of alcohol as a coping mechanism. These traits can push people to work above and beyond and to isolate themselves in the process. We believe alcohol dependency comes from patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviours. These patterns are often a coping strategy in response to trauma, unhappy childhoods, stress in current real-life circumstances, challenges in marriages, families, business and dissociation from self and others.

You should consider contacting us and getting set up with a recovery program or enrolling at one of Winnipeg’s alcohol addiction treatment centers if you or your loved one has any of the following signs of alcohol abuse…

  • Experiencing cravings and obsessions if refraining from consuming alcohol.
  • Having a strong desire to quit alcohol or slow down drinking but finding it too difficult.
  • Facing issues at work for poor performance, tardiness, or frequent absenteeism
  • Suffering from financial difficulties and/or legal charges
  • Engaging in risky behaviours
  • Avoiding people and places that judge or comment on the drinking
  • Getting into arguments with colleagues, friends and family members.
  • Feeling sick and tired
  • Avoiding activities and hobbies once enjoyed
  • Poor personal hygiene and lack of care for the appearance
  • Depression and anxiety when drinking and when not
  • Isolating and withdrawing from everyday life

If you experience symptoms like depression, anxiety disorders, neurological impairment, chronic pancreatitis, hand tremors, sexual problems, even psoriasis, medical treatment for alcohol addiction may be needed and residential treatment in Winnipeg might be the answer to your problems. At Andy Bhatti Addiction Services and Interventions we work with leading and accredited drug and alcohol rehab centres across Winnipeg with high success rates for long-term recovery from addiction. Contact us today and let us create and recommend a program to help you and your family recover from the seemingly endless cycle of alcohol addiction.

What are the Benefits of Residential Drug Alcohol Addiction Treatment

benefits of residential drug alcohol addiction treatment

Time to Focus on Yourself

Enrolling in a residential drug alcohol addiction treatment program in Winnipeg can provide you with a chance to disconnect from your everyday life and focus on yourself. Tranquil settings, supportive staff, safe and friendly environments can help you achieve peace of mind and allow you to relax during treatment.

High Success Rates

Residential treatment offers an immersive healing experience as it engages you in a series of therapies, coping skills and wellness programs. You are at a much lesser risk of relapse with inpatient residential treatment than outpatient therapy or programs that allow you to go home at night.

Heal and Recover with Professional and Peer Support

You can meet people battling with similar issues as you at a private rehab facility and develop valuable bonds with them. These friendships go a long way in strengthening your commitment to sobriety in the long run and help you stay motivated during the recovery journey. Friendships can last when you go home and you can have a fellowship of people who understand you or have people to go to meetings in Winnipeg with if that’s what you choose to do after treatment.

When to Seek Medication Assisted Treatment in Winnipeg

A medically safe withdrawal from alcohol is the first step in recovery from alcoholism in Manitoba. We can help ensure the withdrawal protocol is carefully planned and supervised by our team of addiction specialists, counsellors and medical doctors who closely monitor you and are available 24 hours a day. This ensures a safe and comfortable detoxification process.

Detoxing at home is common, but alcohol withdrawal carries a number of serious risks ranging from dehydration to brain damage and even death. These health risks are the main reason why we recommend seeking professional help as opposed to attempting detox at home.

Detox is unpredictable and the ability to act quickly at the onset of severe withdrawal symptoms or unforeseen complications is key in preventing permanent damage. Professionals in the addiction field know what signs to look for and what interventions need to be prescribed to prevent or control changes in your mental and physical well-being.

The unpleasant side effects of alcohol detox mixed with increased cravings make it tempting to break off the detox and start drinking again in order to escape the symptoms. In the event of a relapse, your body may be at an increased risk of alcohol poisoning and overdose because your tolerance has already started to decline. You are less likely to relapse during detox when it is completed at a private detox centre in Winnipeg, under the supervision of trained caregivers and with access to proper medical treatment.

How to Access Help with Interventions and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options in Winnipeg

intervention and alcohol addiction treatment options

At Andy Bhatti Addiction Services and Interventions in Winnipeg, we only work with private rehab centres that offer highly effective treatments and evidence-based therapies. The priority is to understand your relationship with alcohol and the cause of your drinking in the first place. 

During the treatment process, which takes place in the comfort and privacy of luxury clinical residences throughout Canada and the world, we identify the underlying causes and effects of the alcohol addiction in a thorough assessment we can do over the phone, online or in person. This includes an extensive physical, mental and overall health assessment including nutrition and lifestyle assessment. With this information, we can design and implement a comprehensive and individually tailored care plan that treats your mind, body and soul.

At Andy Bhatti Interventions and Addiction Specialists, we are here to take away the confusion and help you and your family choose the right treatment centre in Winnipeg for you. The private facilities we work within Manitoba and throughout Canada offer top-notch support from expert and compassionate staff. We’re standing by to answer any questions that you might have and to aid you in finding the tools, courage, and support that you need to begin walking on your journey towards sobriety, happiness, and health. Call us today and one of our professional Interventionists or Addiction Specialists can meet with you or your family in Manitoba within 24 hours.