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Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, the capital of Ontario is the most populated city in Canada and the fourth most populated city in North America, with a population over 2.9 million. Toronto is known as the international centre of business, finance, arts, and sports. Toronto is also one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

Toronto is also a central location for music, theatre, major motion picture production, television production, and houses the headquarters for Canadian national broadcasting and media. As a central location for these major productions, pressures of fame, and consistently being in the public eye, the demand takes a toll on mental health with the increased pressure and people often turn to alcohol, drug, and other substance abuse to cope.

At Start Today Recovery Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we work with people who suffer from mental health issues as well as substance abuse. We offer a wide array of intervention services, inpatient treatment options, and outpatient treatment options for Canadians seeking help for alcoholism, substance abuse and other forms of addiction.

Many of our clients at our sober living facility in Chiang Mai, Thailand are from Canada. We help Canadian clients get the proper care they need. We here at Start Today Recovery Center offer long-term and short-term treatment for sober living options.

People make the decision to go to Thailand for treatment because compared to other countries, Thailand is more affordable to receive treatment, bettering their chances at getting long-term sobriety. When getting treatment at a private addiction treatment center in Thailand, there is no waitlist, compared to many other countries who have long waitlists before being able to get treatment.

Many of the staff that work in the treatment centres in Thailand are from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, London, USA, and all across the United Kingdom. Start Today Recovery Center in Thailand offers outpatient counselling and addiction treatment to residents once they leave the centre and return to Toronto. There is 24 hour medical support with psychiatric care daily, and clients that choose to do sober living in Thailand have a way higher success rate in terms of long term sobriety, then the clients that don’t.

Thailand is one of the few countries in the world that has a credible failure to launch youth program for the ages of 18-25. This comes with a full psychological and psychiatric report. At Start Today Recovery Center clients also have an option to do online schooling.

Matt Barnhardt, a substance abuse therapist at Start Today Recovery is someone who has achieved long-term recovery himself and is ready and able to share his own experiences to impart hope and wisdom to residents and their families. Start your journey today.

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