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Non 12 Step Treatment Centers in Thailand

Non-12 step treatment centers allow for an alternative approach to addiction treatment and recovery that can sometimes be better for individuals who are battling with addiction, and to better fit the individual’s preference when going through recovery. Not everyone is able to resonate with the methods of 12-step programs such as narcotics anonymous and alcoholics anonymous, so non 12 step treatment provides individuals with alternative approaches, which allow for finding a program suitable to one’s individual values and preferences. Participating in a non 12 step programs generally focus on individualized treatment plans specific to a person’s specific needs, which in turn can lead to a more effective outcome for that individual. Lots of non 12 step treatment centers use a holistic approach to addiction recovery, which aims to promote an individual’s overall well-being and long-term recovery. For some people, the elements involved with 12 step programs, such as the religious or spiritual elements can be an obstacle for someone as they try to seek help for their addiction. With non 12 step programs there is less attention given to spirituality or religious beliefs which makes these non 12 step centers more appealing and accessible for those who seek a non-faith-based journey to recovery.

Thailand has become a popular location for individuals who are seeking help for their addiction, and some non-12 step treatment centers that can be found in Thailand offer, all different types of treatment options such as a holistic approach to addiction treatment, where the emphasis is on mindfulness-based approaches. These approaches include SMART recovery cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness strategies, as well as fitness therapy. , motivational interviewing , internal family systems, adverse childhood experience, art Therapy , kick boxing/ sports therapy , EMDR Treatment , psycho education , yoga and exposure therapy.

There is never a one size fits all treatment program.

Many families find it really hard to pay $15,000 to go to a Treatment Centre, where it’s 12 step based only. Especially when the 12 steps are free.

At start today recovery center . We help our clients to find out what treatment and recovery methods work for them.

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