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Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the second most populated city in Australia and the capital of the state of Victoria. With a population of over five million, Melbourne has maintained a significant population and employment growth, leading to substantial investment in the cities industries and the property market.

Victoria, Australia reports 45% of the Australia’s heroin consumption, with Melbourne’s use per person rating approximately 70% higher than Sydney.

With Melbourne being one of the most popular tourist destinations, the influx in the population’s foot traffic and the diverse community leads to an increase in accessibility to illicit drugs and alcohol. The club and nightlife scene in Australia is also foundational grounds where many adolescents and young adults experiment and begin using drugs. This is also a prime location for accidental overdose, and reflects with the high accidental overdose rates.

As the coal mining industry moves through a period of unprecedented growth, communities are finding themselves increasingly swamped by alcohol and drug abuse.

Melbourne residents make the decision to go to Thailand for treatment because compared to Australia, Thailand it is much more affordable to get treatment, which betters their chances at accomplishing long-term sobriety. Making the trip to Thailand to get treatment provides an atmosphere that supports sober living. Individuals get a change of scenery which also helps change habits with the out of sight out of mind mentality which supports recovery.

To get treatment in Australia, the waitlist ranges anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. When getting treatment at a private addiction treatment center in Thailand, waitlists are not present. For insurance purposes, many insurance companies will also reimburse family’s who travel to Thailand to get treatment for their addiction.

Many of the staff who work in the rehabilitation facilities in Thailand are from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, London, USA, and all across the United Kingdom. Start Today Recovery facility in Thailand provides outpatient counselling and addiction treatment to residents once they are back in Melbourne and they provide successful outpatient treatment. There is 24-hour medical support with psychiatric care, and clients that choose to do sober living in Thailand have a significantly higher success rate in terms of long-term sobriety, compared to clients who don’t.

Thailand is one of the only countries that has a reputable failure to launch youth program for the ages of 18-25. The failure to launch program comes with a full psychological and psychiatric report, and with Start Today Recovery, clients will also have the option to do online schooling.

Matt Barnhardt is a substance addiction therapist at Start Today Recovery, and he is someone who has achieved long-term recovery himself. He is ready to share his own experiences to give hope and wisdom to residents and their families.

Start Today Recovery works alongside families and individuals who suffer from addiction and provides support for their recovery. We have helped many celebrities, professional athletes, unions in the oil fields, medical field, airline industry, coal mining industry, and university kids in the Melbourne area to help them get the help they need. Start your journey today.

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