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Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China is home to 7.4 million residents of varying nationalities and has one of the highest territory population densities in the world. Hong Kong is known to have the second highest number of billionaires who live in the city and is recorded to have the largest number of high-net-worth individuals. This is the result of Hong Kong being a trade friendly location, high business innovation, its entrepreneurial culture, the economy, and their laws which are in support of businesses.

The most common drugs abused in Hong Kong as of 2022 were heroin, then cocaine, followed by methamphetamine, with the most common drugs abused by individuals under the age of 21 were cannabis, cocaine, and ketamine. Where in the first half of 2023 drug abuse rates increased by 12% compared to the same time the year before.

Chiang Mai, Thailand, is home to Start Today Recovery facility where our dedicated team strives in supporting individuals who struggle with alcohol and substance abuse, sometimes paired with mental health challenges. The services we provide include diverse opportunities with intervention programs, as well as inpatient, and outpatient treatment programs that are specifically tailored to giving support to Hong Kong residents for alcohol, drug, and other substance abuse and addictions.

Travelling to get treatment in Thailand has proven to be more cost efficient compared to other countries, significantly enhancing the chance of achieving long-term sobriety. Private addiction treatment centers in Thailand offer immediate access to care avoiding extensive waitlists that are commonly experiences in other countries.

The staff that work in the treatment centres in Thailand come from all over including places such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, London, USA, and the United Kingdom. Start Today Recovery facility in Thailand provides outpatient support and guidance, as well as addiction treatment to residents when they return home to Hong Kong. There is even 24-hour medical support with psychiatric care on a daily basis. Clients that make the choice to participate in sober living services in Thailand have a higher success rate in achieving long-term sobriety.

Thailand is one of the only countries in the world that has a reputable failure to launch youth program from the ages of 18-25 that comes with a full psychological and psychiatric report. At Start Today Recovery Center clients also have an option to do online schooling.

At Start Today Recovery Center, Matt Barnhardt, is a substance abuse therapist who brings valuable first-hand experience with recovery and long-term sobriety. His readiness to share personal experience offers residents and their loved ones hope and wisdom as they walk their journey to recovery. Begin yours today.

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