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The use of opiates, alcohol, and other drugs is higher than ever, and overdose fatalities happen every day.

There are many reasons that someone becomes addicted to drugs; it could be the result of abuse, a mental disorder, short-term stress like losing a job or going through a divorce, or it could be the result of an illness or injury. But whatever the reason, if you think someone you love needs help with a drug addiction, they must accept a few important truths before they are ready to benefit from a drug intervention and enter into a drug treatment program.

The treatment of drug addiction follows three key steps for the person who is addicted to substance abuse:

  1. Acceptance. This is the stage where the addict has to realize that the drug addiction is making normal life unmanageable. They must realize that their will or desire is not enough to overcome the problem and that they have no control over the addiction. They must also acknowledge that treatment and complete abstinence is the only alternative.
  2. They must surrender to the fact that they can’t do this alone and that they need professional help. They must accept the fact that they have to follow the treatment program, participate willingly in every stage of the process, and obey all the “rules.”
  3. They must accept the fact that this is not a one-and-done kind of process. They must be willing to commit to a life of sobriety. That means no lapses for celebrations, and the understanding that even a one-time use can take them right back to full time addiction.

Drug addiction is a chronic disorder, and most addicts have occasional relapses. This is why a short-term, one-time treatment is not enough to alter the physical, mental, and emotional dependency. For many, treatment is a long-term process that involves multiple interventions and regular monitoring.

When someone you love needs help accepting the first three steps that prepare him or her for a treatment program, call us. The road to recovery begins with a single step, and the first step is acceptance.

At Andy Bhatti Interventions, we only recommend trusted treatment centres. As a professional interventionist in Vancouver, we can help you find a treatment centre that suits your needs.