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Congratulations. You have decided to go to treatment to help gain freedom from addiction and get your life back on track. Making this decision alone is a big step in itself. But now comes the questions; where do I go and for how long do I stay? At Andy Bhatti Addiction Services and Interventions in Toronto, Ontario we work with you and your family to sort through the overwhelming choices and help you pick a private drug and alcohol detox and rehab centre that works best for your and your family’s needs. 

Most addicts and alcoholics never want to spend very long in drug treatment. That is the sickness of the disease; it tells them they don’t need help and if when they start to feel better even in the slightest sense of the word they think they are cured. The addict and alcoholic never truly have a full understanding of their disease until they have gotten some significant clean time and even then the worst could happen and they could fall back into old patterns of thinking and end up. This is why if it is at all possible an addict or alcoholic should attend long-term drug treatment. Staying a month at a drug or alcohol treatment centre just doesn’t cut it.

Drug and Alcohol Detox and Rehab Program Lengths 

A set number of days for full recovery in a treatment centre is a myth. Cycling people quickly through treatment centres in Toronto does not equal good recovery and only translates into easier insurance authorizations and more money for the public detox and rehab centres. It also causes more relapses and significantly lower success rates.  

Program lengths should vary depending on the person’s particular needs. Generally in Toronto, drug and alcohol detox centres have programs that last a few weeks to a few months, depending on the substance used, the severity of the addiction, past traumas, or dual diagnosis. Many inpatient addiction treatment programs in Toronto last 30 to 90 days but may last longer depending on the individual and their situation. Outpatient addiction treatment programs in Toronto last similar lengths but the individual lives at home while attending day or night treatment.

Drug and alcohol treatment centres in Toronto are like most things in life. What is very common is not always that good. People will Google drug rehab, drug treatment, detox and residential programs in the Toronto area or any other keyword that pops to mind. Invariably, their search results will spit back endless lists of 30-day drug and alcohol treatment programs. It sounds perfect. Go away for a month and come back changed forever. What is a month in the grand scheme of things? Right? Not always.

Expect That A Month Is Almost Never Enough Time 

A 30-day treatment program is like planting a seed and yanking it out of the soil just as it is about to take root. For the flower to blossom and the tree to bear fruit, the process must be entirely completed. Years of experience have taught them a simple truth. Drug rehab in Toronto works but it takes work. Recovery is a journey without shortcuts, and every client has their own journey.  We treat each client as an individual. No two people are the same.

Not only does the length of treatment make a difference, but it is also a key to sustained recovery. The facts back it up, the stories back it up, and common sense backs it up. Effective drug and alcohol rehab centres do not reckon with days, they reckon with people.  Positive outcomes inevitably follow.  

When someone enters an addiction or alcohol treatment program in Toronto, he or she is suffering from a disease. It needs to be identified, treated, and healed. Treating alcoholism and addiction requires understanding trauma, mental illnesses, triggers and behaviour patterns. Many times, detox is needed before anything can get started. Only then can the healing begin to take root. It takes time and is different for everyone. Some have used longer, and habits are more deeply ingrained. Others have a weaker support system, childhood trauma and need more ammunition to fight the street when they go back out. There are environmental factors, genetic factors, and mental health factors that all need to be taken into consideration

You cannot take someone’s unique struggles, background, possible co-occurring disorders, and throw them an industrial cardboard box.  You cannot take everything contributing to their specific Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and brand it with a 30-day stamp that comes out in the wash. The only magic formula is understanding that there is no such thing as magic. Each client’s needs must be properly identified and everything possible must be done to meet them.  Hard work, real commitment, clinical excellence and time.    

What Is Long-Term Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

long term drug treatment centre

Different treatment centres in Toronto have different treatment models. Usually, long-term drug treatment is a minimum of 90 days. The long-term drug treatment programs we work with involve a level of care that is intense and all-encompassing. The drug and alcohol rehab centres we work with include many traditional treatments along with psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, yoga, exercise, nutritional counselling, massage, recreational opportunities, relapse prevention education, individual counselling and group therapy. The long-term drug treatment programs we work with within Toronto were developed in order to enhance the client’s potential for staying sober for a lifetime.

What Are The Benefits Of Long-Term Drug Treatment?

Of course, any and all drug treatment centers have benefits with a lengthier stay. Some other benefits of long-term drug treatment are that it keeps you safe for a longer amount of time and allows you to learn more about yourself while also preparing yourself for going back to your life. Believe it or not, while it may seem 30 days are sufficient (and it could be for some) you are still running a high risk of not staying sober. Thirty days is not a lot of time, even though for the addict and alcoholic it may feel like forever. The body, mind and spirit need time to heal and the longer you allow that to happen the better your chances of success and at achieving the ultimate goal of lifelong sobriety as well as happiness. The private drug and alcohol treatment centres we work within Toronto offer the real benefit of staying beyond 30 days. At Andy Bhatti Addiction Services and Interventions once you’re our client you are for a lifetime. We offer aftercare programs designed to help you get settled back into your life in Toronto after your stay in treatment. Staying connected with the drug treatment centre you went to through coaching and counselling after treatment is also a good recipe for success and one of the greatest if not the most life-changing benefits of long-term drug treatment.

Relapse Prevention in Toronto

It’s not just the length of stay in a private rehab centre that is important but also an essential part of recovery from substance use disorder is an active relapse prevention program that works to further support the ideas and practices that people have begun to adopt and develop as part of the recovery process. Relapse prevention shows clients how to reaffirm the new life skills and emotional anchors that help them through times of difficulty, and teaches them to identify the warning signs that they are starting to regress back into old destructive patterns. Relapse prevention influences many aspects of individual recovery from addiction and is an indispensable resource. All the private treatment centres we work within Toronto offer proper elapsed prevention tools and after-care programs.

How Can Friends and Family Help Someone Who Needs Treatment?

help from family and friends during treatment

Family and friends can play critical roles in motivating individuals with drug problems to enter and stay in treatment in Toronto. Family therapy can also be important, especially for adolescents. The involvement of a family member or significant other in an individual’s treatment program can strengthen and extend treatment benefits. We can help you in selecting a private detox and rehab facility in Toronto that offers family therapy programs and we can also help you in arranging an intervention if the person you want to help is reluctant to listen or go to treatment. 

Why Choose Andy Bhatti Addiction Specialists and Interventions to Help You and Your Loved Ones?

At Andy Bhatti Addiction Services and Interventions our purpose is to provide excellent care and set you up with a treatment to enable all those suffering from addictive disorders to achieve a goal of lifelong recovery. The treatment centres we work with provide comfortable and well-maintained accommodation including private rooms. We treat addiction as an illness, not a life choice and ensure that all the practitioners we work with are highly trained and motivated to enable individuals to embark on a life-changing process.

All of our drug and alcohol centres in Toronto are equipped with medical professionals ranging from interventionists, psychiatrists, recovery coaches, addiction specialists, clinical counsellors and addiction psychotherapists who are there to facilitate your stay and make you feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after your treatment.

Our therapy programs are focused on empowering people to make choices and to make the changes in their lives which they want to make. Through individual and group therapy along with other activities the process of change can begin, supported and assisted by highly trained staff.

Therapies include cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma therapy, person-centred and motivational groups, life skills workshops, holistic programs, yoga, art and sports therapies along with other individual therapies. Enabling self-discovery through disclosure in a safe environment can identify issues of a problematic nature that may be causing undue stress and discomfort. Our aim is to assist the individual to work through these issues and find stability with some resolution. We also believe that proper aftercare programs can provide a continuing support network that can facilitate long-term abstinence and recovery.

Drug addiction and alcoholism affect not only the individual but can have serious, ongoing effects on families and close friends. The emotional pain suffered by families can be severe; therefore, we offer support and help through our facilitated family therapy groups and intervention services in Toronto. 

If alcohol, drugs or other addictive behaviours have been costing you and/or your loved ones more than money, our admissions staff can help you by offering a flexible residential programme at the centre which is most suitable for your needs. If your goal is to improve your life we can help you to achieve this.

You will have the opportunity to examine behaviour patterns that have become problematic and which may be affecting your quality of life. You can learn new, positive coping strategies to help you make the changes necessary for ongoing recovery.

Spanning from luxurious rehabs with en-suite rooms, gyms and on-site medical nursing units to low-cost clinics. Catering for all people from all walks of life. The private drug and alcohol rehabs we work within Toronto have 24/7 on-site specialist addiction professionals ensuring the patient will have the highest level of care offered in the country.

How Can I Get More Information About Interventions and Drug and Alcohol Detox, Treatment and Rehab in Toronto? 

drug and alcohol detox

It all starts with reaching out. Schedule an appointment with any one of our Intervention professionals. After listening to your story, we can advise you and even put you in contact with a licensed private drug and alcohol detox and treatment in Toronto or anywhere in Canada. We can answer all of your questions and walk you through the process so you can feel at ease with whatever decision you make.

Making the decision to seek help for your loved one’s substance abuse disorder is the best investment you can in the future of your entire family, so make the call today and start the journey back to sanity and serenity. We are waiting for you at 1-888-988-5346.