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Day in the Life of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Accepting help for addiction is challenging, but understanding the structure of a typical day at a rehabilitation center can provide clarity; from early morning routines to evening reflections, each day is designed to support individuals on their journey to sobriety through therapeutic interventions and education.

What does a day look like?

Taking the step of accepting help for your addiction is hard, and to take away the uncertainty about what your drug or alcohol rehabilitation could look like here is a breakdown of what kind of structure you can expect for a typical day at an addiction rehabilitation center.

A day in the life at a rehabilitation center is designed to create a routine that facilitates therapeutic interventions, education, and other activities. Beginning from early morning wake-up to evening reflections about the day, everything is tailored to supporting you on your journey to sobriety.

Morning Routine

The beginning of the day will begin with a wake-up call to residents, usually earlier in the morning likely around 6 to 7 am. The residents will be allowed time for hygienic purposes such as showering, brushing teeth, getting dressed, and other morning rituals. To follow would then be breakfast with nutritious options to begin the day.

When it comes to activities and therapy choices earlier in the day, there will be opportunities to engage in yoga, exercise, meditation, and other therapies to start off you’re the day in the most relaxing way. The goal of rehabilitative treatment options is to help residents create healthy habits and routines throughout the day so that they can be carried out to your everyday life when you leave the treatment center.

Afternoon Routine

The afternoon is the time of day where generally residents will be given the chance to continue with different therapies. So, after a nutritious lunch, residents will begin with some therapeutic interventions such as:

  • Group therapy sessions could also take place, where there is a focus on various areas such as coping skills, relapse prevention, trauma processing, 12-step program, and shared experiences about addiction and recovery. Group therapy is a chance to create a strong group dynamic as everyone has experiences to share and relate to one another with.
  • Individual therapy sessions will also take place, where individuals will meet with therapists one-on-one to address and talk about personal battles with their addiction, as well as underlying contributors to their addiction. With individual sessions, you will also set goals, and work through personal challenges with your therapist.

Other therapeutic options are also presented to residents such as art therapy, sports, Thai cooking classes, and other excursions to benefit in a daily routine.

Free Time

In the afternoon, residents will generally be allotted free time to use how they choose. Various activities are available in the center for the residents to use such as swimming, and kickboxing, and depending on the center other activities may available such as ping-pong, pool, and basketball. Majority of rehabilitation centers will offer evening activities as well to provide residents with a socially supported atmosphere beyond other therapies that are provided throughout the day.

Activities which are offered to residents are tailored to allow further engagement in sobriety, including activities that may be previously associated with substance use. These activities could include karaoke, movies, and other activities associated with social outings. This free time can also be used for individuals to take advantage of some independent time and do some reading, journaling, and decompressing.

Evening Routine

When the evening rolls around, dinner will take place. Post dinner, you can expect to have another chance to take part in group sessions. This group session will generally be a 12-step program that is offered to the residents and is known to make a significant contribution to individuals and their addiction to maintain their recovery journey.

It is highly promoted that residents follow a bedtime at a sensible hour to aid in the creation of healthy habits to maintain when they leave the rehabilitation center. Getting a full night’s rest makes a difference with individuals’ ability to maintain their energy and have full participation throughout the day and get everything out of their experience in the treatment center.

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