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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is the largest city in Northern Thailand and the second largest city in Thailand. Located 700 km north of Bangkok, Chiang Mai is in the mountainous region with a population of about 1.2 million people.

One of the biggest industries in Chiang Mai is agriculture due to fertile soils and high rainfall. Those who work in the agricultural industries face drug and alcohol abuse and misuse, and it has become a prominent issue among these workers. This is due to environmental and financial contributors, in addition to the high risk of injury, leading to the need to cope with pain relief. In seeking pain relief strategies, this often leads to the use and misuse of opioids.

Residents in Chiang Mai choose to stay in Thailand for treatment because compared to other countries, Thailand is much more affordable when it comes to getting treatment, which betters their chances at obtaining long-term sobriety.

When getting treatment at a private addiction treatment center in Thailand, there is no waitlist, compared to many other countries who have long waitlists before being able to get treatment.

Many of the staff that work in the treatment centres in Thailand are from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, London, USA, and across the United Kingdom. Start Today rehabilitation facility in Thailand offers outpatient counselling and addiction treatment to residents once they leave the centre and return home. There is 24-hour medical support with psychiatric care, and those that choose to do sober living in Thailand have an increased success rate of long term sobriety, compared to clients who don’t.

Thailand is one of the only countries that has a respectable failure to launch youth program for the ages of 18-25 that comes. This also comes with a full psychological and psychiatric report. At Start Today Recovery clients will also have an option to do online schooling of they choose.

Start Today Recovery Center staff member Matt Barnhardt is a substance abuse therapist who has achieved long-term recovery himself and is ready and able to share his personal experiences to grant hope and wisdom to residents and their families. Your journey can begin today.

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