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Join us for an awareness-building addiction recovery campaign, and qualify for one of nine scholarships for privately-funded treatment in Canada, Thailand or Mexico!!!

September 3rd, Kamloops Fundraiser

With an average of five people dying of an overdose each day in the province, the need for fast access to reputable recovery centres is critical. But with long waits for publically funded beds and the cost of private treatment centres out of reach for many British Columbians, access to life-saving treatment is increasingly more difficult. We want to help! A total of 225,000 dollars worth of scholarships for addiction & trauma treatment will be awarded to eligible participants giving families an opportunity to fast-track their loved one on the road to recovery.

Andy Bhatti Intervention Services & partners are teaming up for a fun and free family-friendly event to raise awareness about addiction recovery and, to help British Columbians access reputable treatment centres. The event is free and open to anyone, but is catered towards those caught up in the cycle of addiction, trauma, and/or sexual abuse and their loved ones. In addition to the baseball game, autograph session, auction of sports memorabilia and country concert, British Columbians can access free support and information about addiction recovery at the Andy Bhatti Interventions &Trauma Booth. Those who want to get help can apply for free treatment scholarships.

Geri Bemister, an addiction specialist featured on the A&E Series TV Show Intervention Canada will be available to assess those who want to qualify for the scholarships.


  • Two beds at The Yatra Trauma Center in Phuket, Thailand
  • One bed at The Hills addiction Treatment Center in Thailand
  • One bed at Recovery in Paradise in Mexico
  • Five beds at the Aurora Recovery Center in Winnipeg


  • MLB Sluggers, Seattle Mariners Mike Cameron, and Boston Red Sox Jonny Gomes will be signing autographs for fans, playing in a softball game and be participating in the Bomb Show / Homerun Derby at 8:00 pm on Saturday night.
  • Country star Shawn Austin will rock the stage with some of his best-known hits. We will also feature an exceptional performance by one of Canada’s hottest names in country music. [Unfortunately, we cannot tell you who it is until the last minute.]
  • All Celebrities will be signing autographs for a donation. This event has over $30’000 in sports memorabilia up for silent auction including NFL helmets, Toronto Blue Jays items and jerseys signed by: Sidney Crosby, Kirk McLean, Leon Drisital, Gino Odjick, Theo Fleury and Carey Price.
  • This event has been put together to raise awareness on addiction, mental health and trauma. Addiction counsellors, Child abuse and trauma specialists and Andy Bhatti will all be there to offer support. Their information booth will have information brochures for people seeking help. 100% of the proceeds from the Auction and Autograph signing will go directly to pay for flights and other necessities for those who receive treatment scholarships.