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Edmonton is Alberta’s capital city, with a population of over 1.4 million people. It is Canada’s fifth-largest city, and has a rich art scene as well as being the home to the second most visited mall in Canada, called West Edmonton Mall.

While this northern city is picturesque in many ways, its populace is, unfortunately, suffering from a rising problem with addiction. In the second quarter of 2020, Edmonton and Calgary had the highest number of unintentional poisoning deaths related to opioids compared to the rest of the province. 

In July 2020, 142 opioid-related deaths were recorded in Alberta, which is the highest number that has ever been recorded in a single month.

In an effort to combat these statistics, the distribution of Naloxone kits has been increased, with the kits and basic training on how to use them available at most pharmacies in Edmonton and across Alberta.

What these statistics show is that there is a stark need for education and resources on how to find an Edmonton addiction recovery centre to help yourself or your loved one as quickly as possible.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different addiction recovery centres offered in Edmonton, as well as provide further information and resources on addiction recovery in general.

Introduction to Addiction Recovery Centre Edmonton 

Typically, an addiction recovery centre in Edmonton will offer specialized services that help you with the transition from detox to rehab in a safe manner. These facilities will have doctors, nurses, and counsellors available that all specialize in treating addiction.

Detox is the process of allowing your body to naturally remove the harmful substances in it, whether that be alcohol or drugs. Detox is a serious process and shouldn’t be attempted without the supervision of medical professionals, as suddenly stopping using a substance that your body is used to getting can cause serious negative health effects, from extreme flu-like symptoms to seizures and dehydration.

But an addiction recovery centre provides more than just a safe detox environment; Alberta recovery centres provide structured environments with set activities and mealtimes, as well as a specialized treatment plan.

Different Types of Recovery Centres in Edmonton

alcohol rehab edmonton

When you’re faced with the task of having to find an appropriate addiction recovery centre, it can seem overwhelming and challenging to know where to start.

The first thing you need to do is determine what type of addiction treatment centre works best for yourself or your loved one. Edmonton offers several residential treatment centres for alcohol and drug addiction recovery that are licensed by Alberta Health Services and must follow specific requirements in order to remain in operation.

Alcohol Rehab Edmonton

While inpatient recovery centres in Edmonton typically offer treatment for both drug and alcohol addictions, there are other options that cater specifically to those addicted to alcohol. 

Alcoholics Anonymous is one of those resources. This outpatient alcohol rehab service provides both online and in-person meetings throughout the city that anyone can attend. These group meetings are meant to facilitate a peer support environment and show individuals that they are not alone in their struggles with addiction. As far as alcohol rehab in Alberta, Alcoholics Anonymous is the first resource that most people think of.

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centres in Edmonton

Edmonton offers several inpatient residential treatment centres for those who need a structured recovery environment for both drugs and alcohol addiction. These facilities often serve both types of addictions because they both require a similar path of care.

These recovery centres are usually located in a central area, where it’s easy for clients to access services in the local community, while still staying within a reasonable distance of the treatment centre. Other times, especially with private recovery centres, they will be located in an isolated and undisclosed location to give the clients residing their privacy while they recover.

Medical Detox Edmonton

Sometimes, individuals just need a safe place that provides medical supervision while they go through the detox process. The George Spady Society in Edmonton is an example of a medical detox facility. They provide a safe and medically-supervised environment with nurses, doctors, mental health counsellors, and more to aid people in seeking recovery.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Centres

There are two different types of addiction recovery centres in Edmonton: inpatient and outpatient. 

Inpatient means that it is a residential facility where the person lives and participates in a very structured recovery program for a certain time. Inpatient facilities often include medically supervised detoxification, plus individual counselling, group counselling, and group activities for all patients.

Residential treatment centres must meet the requirements outlined by Alberta Health Services and be licensed under the Mental Health Services Protection Act. Usually, those suffering from severe addiction are best suited for inpatient recovery centres.

Outpatient facilities are a bit different, in that the patient doesn’t live at the facility, but goes there daily or several times a week for some time to seek treatment. The AADAC recovery centre (Alberta Alcohol & Drug Abuse Commission) is an example of a well-known facility in Edmonton that offers both inpatient (residential) and outpatient treatment options for both drug and alcohol addictions.

Adult Recovery Centre Edmonton Locations and Accessibility


The main adult recovery centre in Edmonton is located directly in the city’s downtown core, which provides an accessible location for those seeking treatment. Edmonton’s transit services cater to downtown, with many bus routes going there from all corners of the city, plus LRT services providing stops that are steps away from the centre.

Of course, there are other residential recovery centres located throughout the city and in surrounding areas. For instance, Andy Bhatti offers drug and alcohol interventions that serve Edmonton and the area, including Calgary. 

Other recovery centres like Adeara offer women’s only residential addiction recovery services in the south side of Edmonton, while other services like Our House Addiction Recovery Centre cater to men only.

Regardless of where you live and what type of addiction recovery centre you need to access, it should be easy to find information about where addiction services are located and how to access them. 

If you’re looking for more information on finding an Edmonton addiction recovery centre, Andy Bhatti has an easily searchable database that you can use to find the treatment you or a loved one needs.

6 Factors in Choosing the Right Edmonton Addiction Recovery Centre

Choosing the right Edmonton addiction recovery centre can seem overwhelming and confusing, especially when you’re not familiar with the systems that addiction recovery works within.

Here are several steps you can use to guide you towards an Edmonton addiction recovery centre that works for you or a loved one.

1. Private vs. Public Treatment Facilities

In both Alberta and Edmonton, there are a variety of public and private treatment facilities. Public facilities are funded by the Government, specifically Alberta Health Services, and are often much less expensive than private facilities. Depending on your income level and other factors, the monthly cost of treatment may even be taken care of by the Alberta Government.

In 2020, the Alberta Government eliminated the financial cost associated with treatment for the 72 recovery centres in Alberta, with a pledge to add 4,000 beds in the near future, bringing the total beds in Alberta to 12,000. This would provide patients with drug and alcohol addiction recovery treatment for up to one year, depending on the length of the program at the facility they are in.

That being said, it’s always important to contact a treatment centre in advance and ask about any costs associated with recovery, as this policy could change at any time.

However, public facilities often fill up quickly with a limited number of treatment beds available, which reduces the number of people who are able to get help. 

Private treatment facilities are another option for those who have the financial means to seek out these recovery centres. Private recovery treatment centres often provide more individualized treatment, rather than the one-size-fits-all approach of public facilities.

2. Gender-specific, Co-ed, or Youth

youth recovery centre

Some facilities in Edmonton and in Alberta offer drug and alcohol addiction support that is catered towards men, women, and youth. Typically treatment centres will offer services to adults or youth, with some being co-ed and some being gender-specific. 

It’s important to contact the treatment centre in advance and ask about their residential housing arrangements so you know what to expect and if you qualify for treatment at their facility. 

The Hope Mission is an example of an adult addictions treatment centre in Edmonton that provides programs for both men and women.

For youth, parents or legal guardians can obtain a court order under the Protection of Children Abusing Drugs (PChAD) Act to get medical assistance for their child under 18 whose use of alcohol or drugs is likely to cause significant physical or psychological harm to themselves or others. 

This program provides a protective safe house for up to 15 days so the child can safely receive the medical care they require.

There are other options in Edmonton for youth as well. The Youth Empowerment and Support Services Centre (YESS) is a facility where youth can go themselves if they need to and receive support and care.

3. Location

The location of an addiction recovery centre can be an important factor when receiving treatment. When choosing an addiction recovery centre, consider how you will get yourself or your loved one to the location. 

Thankfully, there are a number of treatment centres located throughout Edmonton, with many of them being in the downtown core which is easily accessible by bus or LRT. However, especially if you’re choosing an outpatient centre that requires you to travel back and forth daily or multiple times a week, it’s important to factor in the costs associated with taking public transit, cab, or parking.

4. Program Types

Typically, a public inpatient addiction recovery centre provides a very structured program where patients are required to participate in all activities, plus adhere to strict wake-up and lights-out times. These programs also often include individual and group counselling sessions that patients are required to attend.

However, some facilities might have different rules or types of programs that you can choose from, especially private facilities. Some private facilities, for instance, provide individualized care that takes into account your specific background, religion, medical history, and more.

 It’s important to investigate the treatment programs beforehand to ensure it aligns with your expectations.

5. Inpatient or Outpatient

Inpatient recovery centres are often meant for those with severe addiction that require medically supervised detox and ongoing care. On the other hand, outpatient facilities are better for those who are able to take a more self-guided approach to their recovery.

6. Aftercare


Aftercare usually applies to those who have been in an addiction recovery centre and are now ready to reintegrate into society. These facilities provide ongoing support to patients so that they have the best chance of success as they start to find work, community social activities, reintegrate into their families, and more.

What to Expect at an Addiction Recovery Center in Edmonton 

Now that you’ve read about what an addiction recovery centre in Edmonton might look like from the outside, you might be wondering what to expect in an actual facility.

You might have questions like:

  • What are the rules like? 
  • What are you allowed to do while you are there? 
  • Can family and friends visit? 
  • What can you bring with you to the facility?

These are all common questions that people have when they are going into a recovery treatment centre for the first time.

While house rules may vary when it comes to different recovery centres, many follow the same basic rules. Here’s an example of some house rules from Our House Addiction Recovery Centre:

  • No drugs or alcohol
  • No weapons, guns or knives
  • No smoking inside the building (some facilities have designated smoking areas)
  • No violence towards anyone, including other clients, staff, etc.
  • No pornography or sexual activity
  • No tampering with facility property and safety equipment
  • Staff have a right to search your personal belongings or property including electronic devices

In addition to these rules, Our House lists specific items that clients are allowed to bring into the facility. As always, if you have questions about house rules or what you can or can’t bring to a recovery facility, it’s important that you contact them in advance to clarify. Typically, breaking these rules will result in an immediate discharge from the facility.

Top 6 Alberta Recovery Centre Roundup

There are a variety of different Alberta Recovery Centres that are located throughout the province. Here are some of the top-rated ones that we could find based on online reviews:

Sunshine Coast Health Centre

This recovery facility is located in downtown Edmonton and is meant to be a secondary support facility for those who have completed their inpatient recovery program. The Sunshine Coast Health Centre provides alumni outpatient addiction services to help past clients continue to access resources and connections to aid in their continued recovery.

Adeara Recovery Centre

Adeara Recovery Centre is a long-term residential addiction treatment centre that offers hope for women and their children. Their program focuses on helping women with self-introspection, parenting, group and individual therapy, and more. As the recovery process goes on, there’s also support for reintegration into society such as independent living and aftercare program opportunities.

Hope Mission

The Hope Mission provides spiritual support for those involved in the Christian or Catholic religion. The Hope Mission has separate programs to support both men and women, focusing on the individual needs of each gender.

Our House Addiction Recovery Centre

Our House is an addiction recovery centre that provides residential facilities, including detox, for men. Their programs are focused on helping men live healthier and more fulfilling life, as well as providing guidance to men about things like sexuality, relationships, spirituality, and more.

Henwood Treatment Centre

The Henwood Treatment Centre is an addiction recovery centre located in Northeast Edmonton. This private rehab facility specializes in treating substance abuse disorders, including drugs and alcohol. They offer individualized treatment programs that take into account a person’s religious beliefs, medical background, age, and more. Henwood Treatment Centre also provides individual and group therapy sessions.

Last Door 

Last Door is a drug and alcohol treatment facility that provides a path to recovery for both youth and adult men, as well as a family-based program. Their treatment focuses on an integrated-community social model in their residential treatment settings. The purpose of this social model perspective is to give men a recovery-based community, as most people with substance use disorder have centred their lives around substance abuse.


guide to edmonton recovery centre

Recovery from addiction is an important and personal process. The purpose of an addiction recovery centre is to provide the care and support that a person needs to be successful in their recovery.

As both alcohol and drug addictions continue to be an ongoing problem in Alberta as well as the rest of Canada, the importance of governments being able to provide support through addiction recovery centres cannot be understated. 

Andy Bhatti Intervention & Addiction Services provides an easily searchable database where you can find treatment centres that cater to a variety of needs, from alcohol to drugs, to other substance use disorders.