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Admitting drinking has become a problem in your life can be very difficult and confusing for anyone. No one wants to admit that their misuse of alcohol is hurting themselves and/or their families. You do not start drinking expecting alcohol to become an issue ever. Perhaps you started drinking to relax after tough days at work or to escape the stress of family life or to relieve anxiety. Maybe you just wanted to feel a part of a crowd, join the party or heighten your mood. Whatever your reasons for drinking somewhere along the line your alcohol consumption has crossed a line and turned into problem drinking. Alcohol can offer feelings of escaping, fearlessness, relaxation and even euphoria. However once you find you have lost control of when and how much you drink the consequences that start arising from your drinking start outweighing the benefits you feel from the drinking. This is when you may need to seek solutions for alcohol abuse in Alberta. 

The fact is if the use of alcohol is interfering with your ability to live a normal life it has become a problem for you. Perhaps you have already tried to quit drinking altogether or even tried to control your drinking on your own and simply find you cannot do it. It is time to seek outside help in Alberta. Addiction to alcohol or problem drinking is not something that can be treated with willpower alone. Accessing a program of detox and then rehabilitation in Alberta is the key to getting your life back under control and giving you back your freedom to live again. Alcohol does not have to hold you back any longer. There are solutions we can offer you in Alberta to help you get out of the clutches of alcohol addiction. Accepting the need for treatment for an alcohol addiction is never going to be easy. Again realizing the fact that you might not be able to stop or moderate your drinking on your own can feel completely demoralizing and hopeless. However it doesn’t have to be this way. There is hope. You are not alone as thousands of people in Alberta suffer from alcohol abuse issues or alcoholism. Many have fully recovered with the alcohol addiction programs and support available in Alberta. 

Seeking a solution to problem drinking can be a task that may seem overwhelming in itself but it is something our highly trained recovery professionals in Alberta can help you with. We work with only the top rated alcohol detox centres and recovery treatment programs in Alberta. We will match you with the centre that is best suited for yours and your families needs. We understand that choosing an alcohol treatment or alcohol detox centre in Alberta may not be something you ever thought you would need to consider. The reality is that quitting drinking on your own can not only be a mental struggle but can also be physically dangerous. Therefore it should only be done under the guidance and treatment of medical professionals who specialize in alcohol withdrawal management available through private alcohol detox and treatment centres in Alberta. 

Why Alcohol Treatment is Essential to Recovery

Alcohol can have devastating consequences for normal, everyday life, when the use of it has spiralled out of control. Your physical and mental health may be starting to suffer. Unfortunately the continued use of alcohol will only cause your mental and physical health to deteriorate further. Alcoholism is a progressive illness and does not get better on its own without help. It will only get worse.

The good news is with proper treatment many of the health problems you currently have will improve or disappear all together. Your body will start to heal itself and you will have more energy. The mental fog you might be experiencing will also dissipate. You will find that you can sleep better, your mood will improve and your overall appearance will recover.

Alcohol doesn’t only affect your physical and mental health it can affect all other areas of your life as well. This includes your personal relationships with those around you. If you have been abusing alcohol heavily for some time, your family situation could be in a poor state and may even be one of the reasons you are looking at alcohol treatment options in or around your area of Alberta. Your family and friends may have been living under the weight of your addiction for some time. Perhaps they have given you an ultimatum. Your behaviour has likely been very unpredictable and destructive, which will have placed a massive amount of stress on family and friends. Please don’t get discouraged by this. We have seen many families heal and become stronger than ever after their loved one has entered a program of recovery for alcoholism. 

Our hope is once you get your life back on track, you can work on making amends to the people you have hurt, and rebuild your relationships with them. These essential tools will be taught to you in the right treatment facilities that specialize in alcohol abuse in Alberta.

The best thing about attending a private alcohol detox and rehabilitation treatment centre is you can have a fresh start in life. You can get excited about your future again by making goals and plans. You will not have to worry about alcohol controlling you any longer. You will be free to make your own decisions that are not based around alcohol and you will not wake up every morning feeling unwell and miserable. You will learn important coping skills and how to deal with life on life’s terms without the fear of relapse. If there have been traumas or fears you have been holding on to you will be able to work with trained professionals to deal with them. You can find out more about yourself and the reasons why you started drinking in the first place. 

If the life we are describing to you sounds attractive, call us today to learn more about how to find an alcohol treatment centre in Alberta. We are here waiting to help you so call toll free at 1-888-988-5346.

How to Choose the Best Alcohol Treatment Centre in Alberta, Canada.

Finding an alcohol treatment centre is probably not going to be as simple as it sounds. A quick web search will give you an abundance of alcohol treatment programs and centres to choose from in Alberta; some good and some maybe not so good. It helps to work with a recovery expert who can help you sort through your options. Choosing an alcohol rehab treatment centre is a major decision for anyone with an addiction to alcohol who wants to end the cycle they are stuck in. Before selecting your alcohol treatment program you need to take several things into consideration. If you want to find the best treatment centre in Alberta, then you need to find one that will take into consideration your individual requirements and requests. Treatment or alcohol rehab centres in Alberta or anywhere for that matter are not one size fits all. What may be best for one person might not necessarily be the best for another. Not everyone with the same illness is going to benefit from the same treatment plan or from the same treatment provider. 

Each person suffering from the effects of alcohol is different and therefore the way in which he or she is affected by the illness will also be different. A specific plan of care may be extremely effective for one alcoholic in but for the next person it may not be feasible or even work at all.

Our treatment providers in Alberta work on the premise that patients should be given their own tailored plan of care that includes a wide range of treatments expected to work for each individual. When entering alcohol detox and/or rehab, your care team will work with you to create a plan of action that is designed around your specific requirements as well as your likes and dislikes all with the end goal in mind of giving you long term recovery from alcohol addiction in Alberta.

Generally the most successful alcohol detox and treatment programs for long term recovery are provided by private clinics that we have thoroughly researched for you. However there are charities and local support groups that can offer help for alcohol misuse in Alberta as well. Obviously there is a lot to consider before making a final choice. For starters, you will need to think about whether you want to be treated at an inpatient or outpatient facility. The choice is really a matter of personal preference and circumstance. 

Outpatient programs run during the day and there is no overnight stay requirement. There tend to be far fewer treatment hours on a weekly basis though. Keep in mind these types of programs could have a higher risk of relapse since you may be going home to the same environment and stressors that may have contributed to your drinking in the first place. It may make it harder to focus on your recovery from alcoholism.

Inpatient programs run over the course of a few weeks to a few months. The length of the rehabilitation program would depend on your personal circumstances. At an inpatient clinic you would reside in the clinic while receiving treatment and ongoing support. Inpatient private alcohol detox and rehab centres is an excellent method for removing yourself from other distractions that may be at home or work in Alberta so you can concentrate solely on your own personal recovery from alcoholism.

As you might imagine, inpatient programs are the most ideal if you are suffering with a serious addiction to alcohol and/or would otherwise struggle to stay sober if having treatment while also dealing with your daily life at home. On the flip-side of the coin, an outpatient program can work for you if you feel your addiction is less severe and you have plenty of support at home to help stay sober while in Alberta.

The location of the clinic is another important choice to consider. If you choose a clinic near your home in Alberta you can benefit from the fact that your family members will find it easier to visit and perhaps be able to attend family therapy sessions at the same facility as well. You might also benefit from job placement programs provided by local employers if loss of employment has been a factor due to your drinking. 

A clinic in another town, city, or country outside of Alberta might be appealing to you as it allows you to stay anonymous and focused. There may be less risk of you giving up as the logistics might not make as feasible and easy to do so. Family dynamics are different in every home. Some families can be completely supportive of your recovery but some can also be dysfunctional themselves and hinder your recovery. Sometimes the time away to focus on your health and recovery is exactly what you and your family need to get your life and theirs back on track. Your time away to heal can be an amazing gift to yourself and your family.

There are other things to think about, of course. It is crucial that you make sure that whoever provides your care is fully regulated and that the staff have the necessary qualifications. You can rest assured that the private clinics we recommend meet standards of clinical excellence. Finding out as much as you can about a potential alcohol rehabilitation centre and its staff before making a final decision will help put your mind at ease. 

Help Finding Alcohol Treatment Centres in Alberta

With so much to think about it would not be surprising if you were feeling a little overwhelmed right about now. Fortunately, finding the right alcohol treatment centre is not something you have to do alone. We can help you with recommendations and other support resources. We are a referral service with a goal to match our clients with the best providers to treat alcoholism and alcohol abuse. We do this by offering fully comprehensive assessments that take several factors into consideration. If you want some help with this, get in touch with us today and speak with one of our advisors. Our advisors will ask a series of questions to create a personalized profile of you. These questions will, for the most part, be about your history of alcohol abuse and your current personal situation. We will need to know how long you have been abusing alcohol, how often you use it, how much you drink and if you have tried quitting on your own or tried other treatment programs in Alberta or other locations in Canada or elsewhere. The information you provide is completely confidential and the more honest you are with us the better position we are in to help you. 

In addition, we enquire about your commitments at home and at work. Your personal preferences in terms of inpatient and outpatient programs and your budget. This information allows us to find a suitable program for you. We can then provide a few recommendations to programs in and around your area of Alberta or other areas that specialize in alcohol withdrawal management and alcohol treatment from which you can choose from. We will fully discuss each option with you so that you can make an informed decision.

Alcohol Intervention Services in Alberta

Watching a loved one struggle with addiction of any kind is heartbreaking but dealing with and confronting a family member regarding their alcohol abuse can be especially difficult. Most Alberta families feel helpless and are just not sure how to help their loved one or even where to start looking for guidance. 

Our trained interventions help families and alcoholics work together towards a solution. The goal is to help your loved one understand they need help and then get them enrolled in an alcohol treatment program in Alberta (or elsewhere). Our Interventions have an incredible success rate. Despite the fear that some families have of confronting their loved one, this is the best way to intervene. You won’t be doing it alone as our professional interventionist will walk your family through every step of the way.

If you need assistance we provide emergency Interventions in Alberta within 48 hrs. call toll free at 1-888-988-5346.