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A lot of things may be going through your mind and you may not be sure where to start when it comes to finding an Alberta drug and alcohol treatment center to transition to a sober life.

While it’s last on your mind when it comes to your addiction, it’s first on ours. We’re here for you and want to help you live a sober life, that’s why we’re writing about picking the right interventionist in Alberta for your recovery.

If you decide to work with a professional interventionist in Alberta, you will be able to handle this transition better than if you were trying to become sober on your own. Working with an interventionist will give you the tools and mindset changes that you need to handle life without your drug or drink of choice. It’s possible and we’re here to show you that.

Andy Bhatti, interventionist with Andy Bhatti Interventions & Addiction Services, has been working in the fields of addiction and intervention for many years. Andy Bhatti provides interventions in Calgary, Alberta and across Canada. He also offers treatment plans, 24 hour recovery support supervision and sober coaching.

Andy graduated from the Justice Institute of British Columbia with an addiction studies certificate, nonviolent crisis intervention program, as well as other programs in the field of Intervention Skills and Training through Canadian and American studies. Andy attends countless workshops and training programs in the field of behavioural addiction and sexual abuse awareness and prevention.

Alberta drug and alcohol treatment

Andy knows the benefits of rehab centers in Alberta because he himself was an addict for many years of his life. After years of being clean off cocaine, heroin, methadone and all other substances, he realized that if he could get clean, anybody can.

So, what are the first steps?

Locating treatment centers in Alberta

The first step in getting clean is finding the right treatment center in Alberta for you. While there are many treatment centers available, many of them have long wait lines.

Andy Bhatti says providing Alberta residents with the opportunity for a private intervention allows them to get into an Alberta treatment center earlier, which means more people can beat their addiction instead of letting it beat them.

“People are reaching out to interventionists like myself to bring their loved ones to British Columbia to get help. The wait time to receive help in Alberta is becoming longer every day. This needs to change.”

People are waiting between 6 weeks and 12 months for a bed in Calgary. Instead, Andy wants to change the addictions services in Alberta to allow for shorter wait times and more people living a life free of addiction with the help of an intervention.

Simply start by googling treatment centers in Alberta and see what’s available. Contact them and ask about their wait time.

Speak to a professional interventionist in Alberta

The next step after you realize you are in need of an intervention and have looked into Alberta drug and alcohol treatment centers is to speak to an interventionist.

When someone in need of treatment contacts Andy, he does an initial consultation over the phone to see if he’s the right interventionist for the job. After the consultation, and a review of family history, Andy will fly to the city in Alberta to start the intervention.

Andy has the ability to get the addict into the right treatment center for them in little to no time compared to those waiting for public healthcare facilities. Like mentioned above, sometimes he takes the addict out of Alberta and into British Columbia to receive treatment faster.

Andy strives to continue raising awareness and prevention of drug and alcohol addiction. Working in communities all across Canada including in Alberta providing safe interventions, recovery support, and sober coaching.

Our interventionists want individuals and families to know that there is always hope and help available for everybody. To contact Andy or one of his other interventionists on his team, call 1-888-960-3209 or email