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Wait lists for rehab centres are so long that people are losing their battle while waiting for drug treatment in Alberta. Deaths from accidental opioid overdoses in Alberta were up 40% in 2017 compared to 2016. In the first three quarters of 2017, from January until the end of September, there were 482 accidental overdose deaths related to opioids.

Andy Bhatti, a professional Canadian interventionist, says providing Alberta residents with the opportunity for a private invention allows them to get into a treatment centre earlier, which means people can beat their addiction instead of letting it beat them.

“People are reaching out to interventionists like myself to bring their loved ones to British Columbia to get help. The wait time to receive help in Alberta is becoming longer every day. This needs to change.”

The problem has reached epidemic proportions, which means new approaches to addiction services in Alberta have had to come into play. Police detachments, social services and oil companies are changing practices when it comes to interventions and drug addiction. These changes include private detox and treatment centres and drug and alcohol interventionists like Andy.

Addiction services Calgary

With the wait times becoming more apparent, many of his Calgary drug treatment Alberta clients are receiving interventions in British Columbia.

“Bringing them to B.C. allows them to receive help sooner than later. The opioid crisis is especially bad in Calgary right now, which means if I can help addicted ones get clean sooner, maybe we can save some lives in Alberta.”

People are waiting between 6 weeks and 12 months for a bed in Calgary. Instead, Andy wants to change the addictions services in Alberta to allow for shorter wait times and more people living a life free of addiction with the help of an intervention.

When someone in need of treatment contacts Andy, he does an initial consultation over the phone to see if he’s the right interventionist. After the consultation, and a review of family history, Andy will fly to Calgary to perform an intervention in Alberta.

Andy has the ability to get the addict into the right treatment centre for them in little to no time compared to those waiting for public healthcare facilities.

If you or a loved one are on an Alberta wait list for treatment, stop waiting. Instead of continuing the possibility of overdose with every drug or drink you or a loved one takes, Andy Bhatti can help get you into recovery sooner.

To learn more about the services Andy offers or to book a consultation, contact us today.