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Have you recently realized that it might be time to seek help from an addiction professional? Are you unsure of what to do? We are here to help you. The best time to go to a private rehab in North Vancouver is if you have been thinking about going to rehab. It’s that simple. People that don’t have a problem with substances or alcohol don’t think about whether or not they need treatment.

The hallmark symptom of alcoholism and drug addiction is denial. Did you ever hear yourself trying to convince someone that you don’t have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol? That you’re not an alcoholic or an addict? Perhaps you have tried to convince yourself by comparing your actions or quantity taken with others that you know to tell yourself you don’t have a problem.

Moments of Clarity

In the fresh light of dawn, the addiction gives false hope of will-power renewal to do it alone. You don’t need this article to convince you of this. 

Every now again a moment of clarity comes for someone in North Vancouver experiencing a substance abuse problem that they can’t go on like this. Intervention is needed but this moment never lasts long. This little window of opportunity, when the alcoholic realizes there is a problem and is ready for help, is a very short time. Alcoholism and addiction, in general, is a subtle foe. 

Often the person with the alcohol or drug problem in North Vancouver asks themselves: “What are you talking about? Alcoholic? Powerless? Detox? Rehab? Treatment? Just because I like to get a little loaded once in a while doesn’t mean I am an alcoholic? There’s no way rehab in North Van or anywhere for that matter is the place for me!” Sound familiar? 

The Merry-Go-Round-of-Denial


Many addiction specialists and Interventionists in North Vancouver view addiction and alcoholism as a disease. So when the disease of addiction experiences the threat of exposure, the disease goes into overtime mode to convince you that there is a mistake happening here. That no intervention or outside help is needed. It’s only a habit and that you can control your drinking. If you are an alcoholic or love someone who is, this will surely resonate with you. 

If your internet search wondering when is the best time to go to rehab brought you here, that’s a good start. If your denial convinces you that the best time to go to rehab on the North Shore is later that’s not so good. Try making a promise to yourself. Make a promise that if your next attempt to moderate or quit drinking or using on your own failures and you find yourself staring down into the abyss again, that you’ll get that help right away. Compile a list of the addiction specialist, doctors or interventionists you wish to work with in North Vancouver to help get you the inpatient residential treatment, private drug rehab treatment, private rehab clinic, private rehab center, outpatient rehab program or detox that you may need. Take our number and keep it with your close. We are here to help and can meet with you and your family within 24 hours to ensure you get the best, most individualized treatment for you to gain long-term recovery from drugs or alcohol on the North Shore. 

10 Signs It’s Time to Go to Private Rehab in North Vancouver

If you are reading this, chances are that you have come to realize that your addiction is beyond your control. Nevertheless, you may not entirely believe that your addiction is severe enough to attend a private drug and alcohol rehab. Regardless of whether you have been suffering from an addiction for one week or one year, all addictions require rehabilitation and may require proper medical detox in North Vancouver.

Without treatment, addictions have catastrophic consequences. Not only can alcoholism and addictions impact your physical and psychological health, but they can destroy your relationships and wreak havoc in your family and work life. Left untreated, addiction can take lives through overdose, suicide, risky behaviours and even unsupervised detox. After reading this, if you still need convincing that you or your family member needs a private rehab program in North Vancouver we have shared some signs that we believe show that the time to go to rehab is now.

  1. You rely on drugs or alcohol to help you cope with everyday life
  2. You consume drugs or alcohol on a daily basis or binge excesses amounts on days off
  3. You self medicate drugs or alcohol to help a mental health disorder
  4. You experience withdrawal symptoms if you are unable to consume drugs or alcohol
  5. You have spent money feeding your addiction that should have been used elsewhere
  6. Your appearance has drastically changed
  7. You no longer take an interest in things you once enjoyed
  8. You avoid certain people and locations
  9. Your relationships with loved ones and friends have broken down
  10. Your loved ones have expressed their concerns about your addiction

So When Should I Go to a Private Rehab?

private rehab in north vancouver

If you are asking the question, when is the best time to go to private drug rehab? The answer is now. If you have the willingness and clarity to look for help today, you’d be best to commit to it within a 24 hour period. 

Alcoholism and drug addiction are fatal diseases. This merry-go-round is a garbage truck that will take you all the way to the dump. Eventually, every alcoholic stops drinking, the most fortunate ones are those that are still alive when they do.

At Andy Bhatti Addiction Services and Interventions, we work with individuals and families on the North Shore that really want change and need help finding it. We work with accredited private drug and alcohol treatment centres across Canada including in North Vancouver that offer exceptional programs with life transformative outcomes. We can also offer recovery in comfortable safety with the discreteness of being out of the country. We understand addiction does not affect each person the same so we believe each treatment program should treat each person as an individual when creating a recovery program.

No Matter What, Don’t Give Up. There’s Always Hope.

While most people get treatment right after contact with us or intervention, statistics don’t show how many conversations are needed before people choose to accept treatment and make a change. Some people may be convinced after one conversation. Others may need multiple chats before they see and accept how their addictions hurt others and why they need to change.

Don’t give up, no matter what. Treatment works. Get in touch with us on the North Shore in Canada and we can help you every step of the way at 1-888-960-3209.

Finding Intervention Support in North Vancouver. 

If you’d like to learn more about holding an intervention on the North Shore or if you need help finding the right interventionist or family mediator, we’re here for you as well. We can help you find immediate support, professional outpatient counselling and long-term private residential care.

Let us connect you to the right professionals and resources for your family and unique situation. Call us now at 1-888-960-3209.